Friday, May 01, 2009

X Men Origin:Wolverine Review

Yesterday i went to watch Wolverine at The Curve..

Let me just start off by saying that the trailer for this movie is awesome, it got me hyped,anticipated to watch this movie, and i thought to myself, this is a X Men movie,'ll be good. X Men and X2 was good,don count on X Men: The Last Stand(Brett Ratner..thanks for screwing up the franchise). so i wait and waited and it has officially arrived and i have to say that this movie is just "ok"...

here why:
The first thing that bothered me the most is the effect and editing is not done very well..a lot of time i can see obvious special effect like on his claw and the characters,it's looks fake and not well polished. secondly, editing is not done well either, like when sabretooth run like a four leg beast..very obvious wire trick..wrong camera just looks awful..

The story is good, staying close to the comics story,there humor and love element in it, and of course telling how wolverine became wolverine, how brothers turn to foe between him and sabretooth

The action is decent..some good sequence, some decent sequence, some bad sequence..nothing awesome...

So in conclusion, this movie is ok, nothing mind blowing or new to movie history..just average ok.

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