Sunday, May 17, 2009


Check this shit out, the illustrated woman..oh my goodess, her whole body is covered up in tattoo..whoa, speaking of beautiful art on human body huh..i found this on newspaper today and this chick caught my eyes, man,i was thinking that her whole body is so fully covered, she won't even need clothes to cover anything up.

Looking at her, reminded me of that time when i wanted to do a tattoo..somewhere either on my left or right arm.
Funny story is that the first shop i went to, this guy told me that he don't want to do my tattoo because i'm i was like" man, i'm giving you business here, why you don't want to take it?" and he goes " because i only do 21 and above, doing you will be illegal"......o..k..whatever then..After a while, i found another tattoo shop..but this time they'll do my tattoo.................

If i'm willing to freaking pay them 80 dollars in exchange for a size of tattoo that is the size of a grape...

Wtf..they go" 80 dollars is worthy because it will stay with you forever.." and i'm like thinking" 80 dollars is nonsense if i died in a sudden death the next day..bye bye moolah..." after all this trouble just to tattoo..i lost interest in it already..sigh..guess i'll just use marker pen and draw myself.


  1. +Honestly, I thk of getting 2, if I ever got the chance, kaka, one is a lotus symbol, y lotus? U tell me, it's nt that hard 2 figure out, n another, a butterfly on the wrist, haha...juz thoughts la, wonder, if I wud ever, If I can ever..heh...

  2. ha ha..very expensive burning money into your skin..

  3. +Haha..yea well, it's the pain that is the main concern 1st rite? kaka...

  4. depending if u mean pain as in needle to your skin or pain that you hv to waste so much money on art

  5. hahahahahHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! funny last paragraph!!

  6. well..the credit of the joke goes to the stupid tattoo artist who said it to me..