Saturday, May 02, 2009


Violence Towards Women.

Gentlemen..are y'all still out there or something? cuz we seem to be losing a lot of y'all..
Violence towards women is something that i don't like to hear or see or read on anywhere, why the hell is the world so violence towards women, i mean come on,man..what happened to all the men? y'all can't pick a fight with someone your own size so you seize the moment to hit a's hard to see that my kind of species has turn to "pussy" "cowards" "no balls"..i hate it when women been hit by their men or whatever, i watch these case on TV before, read it before, seen it before..and all i can do is sit back and do nothing but to wonder..what has the world turn's disgusting cuz men who hits a woman is the one that wears the "skirt".

I never understood why male do that? i remember another incident of domestic violence that happened recently that i think y'all know what I'm talking about..the whole" Chris Brown/Pussy and Rihanna" incident. When i first read that i was like..stunned..he looks like the type of clean cut innonce looking guy until this turns up..Chris brown is a pussy for hitting a girl..same goes for any man who enjoyed hitting girls out there,y'all supposed to die not go to jail or whatever, instead Chris pussy walks free as a man, all of abusive men are probably celebrating now.

It's not just the beating I'm talking about, this includes killing, kidnapping, raping and etc etc. i found this game recently on youtube, it's been developed by Japanese company and it's selling on amazon,it's called "Rapelay". the game is a stimulator raping game that lets men rape women...OMG..thank you you stupid fucking Japanese clowns for encouraging male to rape women as they please,do you really really need to make games like that??? My God what has the world really turn to now..?it's shit like these that make the mind corrupted and it's shit like this that more and more women are unsafe, it leave a bad taste in my mouth. i don't know why raping is so "fun" at all.. i mean if someone want to have sex, you can just pay a prostitute for it,right? but no...even with stupid services like that, y'all still to go hunting for own prey huh?!!. I have seen innocence girl being abusive by us men..we are not human if we are doing this to another's traumatic, disturbing and saddened me to know all this.

VTW has make me become protective towards all my female friends and family.All of ladies out there, y'all need to learn self defense now.To all my female friends, if u think I'm too over protective,this is why..


  1. +Hmm, I read d newspaper d other day, act, ther's VTM oso, meaning, violence towards man, bcoz ther r wife that beats their husband, u may ask, how can ther be rite?? But, it's the truth, but oft times they wudn't speak up, bcoz of d ego, n bcoz of wot society perceive as ok n nt ok, most ppl simply thg that wotever happen 2 a woman is nt ok, n wotever happen 2 a man is ok, well, I can't agree on that, this world is so full of stereotypes, it rly makes me sick sumtimes, n as d newspaper mention d other day, y do we all make a big deal out of mother's day, but 4gets about father's day?? Wot about the fathers that work hard 2 make our life good?? It's time we show equal care n love isn't it? It's nt oni the ladies that shud be treated wif otherwise...nt rly against u, juz saying that no matter wot, VTH is so wrong, violence against human, esp a child...

  2. ya're right..that occured in my mind too before..i was only thinking about the women here..but i get what u mean..

    thank for the comment