Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Atonement Review

I was watching a movie just now on HBO called Atonement. It's a British movie adaptation with the book of the same name..it's not my type of movie..really but i went to watch it anyway to see what's all the buzz it had around the movie.

Overall, it's a pretty good movie, i don't know how faithful it really is to the book because i don't touch novel.. but it's good enough to finish the whole thing. The real thing that blow me away has nothing to do with the performance from the actors or the director's style but it's the soundtrack score..it's really amazing
There's this one particular song in the movie, i don't know what the name is..but it's brilliant.The reason i say the score is brilliant is because it use piano and get this....typewriter. Ya ya typewriter to create this amazing score that i have never heard before in my life..it's so unique! if you really curious how unique the score is..go watch the movie..you'll see what i mean.

p.s my mum was making noise while I'm watching the show..she was like "can we change, can we change.." because she don't like this kind of show and she don't believe I'm actually watching movie like this. ha ha bloody buggar i am huh..


  1. +I'm sorry, got dc, n cudn't re-connect, neway, I'm exhausted, gonna slp now, hopefully I dun fall aslp 2moro, n thx 4 evrythg, n I've been listening 2 my heart all this while, so, I cannot go against wot my heart dcides, n my heart juz isn't d same anymore, I can't rly risk it, goodnite, n slp tight...

  2. good nite and sleep tight too,jane..