Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Developed A Crush

Oh man..i'mma talk about "crush" huh..
*I don't know why i had crush on girls that i know it won't even happen.
*I don't know why i had crush on girls that i only met once.
*I don't know why i had crush on girls that i clearly can't start have feeling for.
*I don't know why i had crush on girls that turn out to be not i'm looking for.
*I don't know why i had crush on girls that is already dating my friend.

*I don't know why i had crush on girls that i don't even know why i have crush on them for?

i think the problem with me is that i fall in love too easily..i hate that!
i see girls and i like them then they turned out to be completely what i don't want to have with me..strange..why do i have these infatuation for..is it trying to tell me something? why bothered having these affection when it's gonna fade away eventually..how do i find the real one when i keep falling for the fake one so easily.. is it a process of love..like saying one must have a crush first in order to fall in love with them?

crush and love are two different things.

crush is just an affection on someone that u met once or twice and u liked them without even getting to know them at all..only see the surface of it not yet what's inside..mostly likely turn to lust..

love is patience, emotion,exprecience related to strong sense of feeling, an attachment, it's real and u already know and love his/her good and bad and that feeling that 2 people share together.

I lashed out in my songs, but what was really going on
is that I had developed a crush, I just didn't know how to tell it to her
Should I cut off one of my ears and mail it to her?
Send her pictures of my collection of skeletons or
Footage of me impaling myself on an elephant tusk
We'll settle this once and for all, I'ma tell her at dusk
Tonight, tonight is the night, and tell her I must
Creep up to her mansion in stilettos and just
Climb the gate and ring the bell, Like hello my love
I just picked your prescription for seroquel up~Eminem


  1. +Haha, who is she ur speaking about? Hmm, yea, they
    re 2 different thgs, but crush do cums bfor love, yet most of the relationships that r solid didn't start from crushes, but friendships, a solid base...
    +Bcoz u've seen he/she in his worst or best, as a fren..
    +But as a crush, u can't tell, simply bcoz we'll feel this butterflies in our stomach n start acting strangely even thou we try hard not to...
    +Haha, so yea, most of the time, u hev a crush bcoz u cudn't tell how the person rly is until u get 2 noe them...

  2. ha ha..u r so right..
    well, wat ever happen happened for a reason