Sunday, May 10, 2009

Me, Myself & I

  1. I loves drawing, my mum says i started drawing at a very early age, i prefer to draw realistic things over some anime cartoon or others, after i drew something, i normally don't like to show it to people, i keep it to myself..just the way i am.
  2. I hate school, never like and will never love it. opening up books and study, argh..last things in the world that i would ever what to do. I'm taking that a lot of people will agree with me on this one.
  3. I'm a lazy bastard. i would prefer to just wake up in the morning and do nothing at all..literally. Just sit back and relax with my feet up and my hands behind my head and drink coke all day.
  4. I'm enjoyed playing video games..lots of it. i buy and buy...lots of it. But I'm no hardcore gamers like the type that won't even knows when to get back in touch with reality. I play them as a hobby only, something to do when bored, to burn time, only play for 2 hours maximum straight..not a hardcore gamer!!
  5. I always gets confused as a Malay guy. i has dark skin mainly only because when i was in secondary school, i had KRS, so sun burn turn me into Malay. But I'm purely Chinese...Chinese ah, okay?
  6. I'm not purely Chinese actually, my great grandparent are Indonesian-Chinese. So i guess that makes me 10% Indonesian...god..if i get to choose which blood i would want to be mix with, it'll be Jamaican.
  7. I had my first girlfriend when i was only 11....i young right? long story anyway, no need to tell.
  8. I have low observation skill, sometime when certain "special" things around me, i see it, but don't observe it, so normally I'm always the last one to know what is going on with my surrounding, even when it's obvious.
  9. I have a magic taste that i called it TTS meaning "taste the same". whatever i ate before, if i eat it again at a different place, it will taste like the first time i eat it, it taste exactly the can ask my friends, they know. but even with this gift/curse, it makes things easier for me, like for example whatever my wife cooks, i can eat it because i tasted it before and it'll taste exactly as good as before, so she win and i win..fair and nagging, no complaining.
  10. I can be stubborn and hard headed, but there are times where i will have to listen to women for a change, because as much as i hard to admit, they are smarter than men and makes better decision..male,please don't kill me..
  11. I cannot stand gay guy..God created male and female only, so why is there another kind in between male and female?
  12. I eat fast, like sometime super fast, my friends tend to think that i swallow my food like vacuum..but I'm just still on 1st gear.
  13. I don't cook at all..literally not even maggi mee..the microwave cooks my food all the is just not my place to be.
  14. I love listening to music. i listen to music every single day..especially Eminem's music that will never get old in my ear. To make matters worse, my mum bought me a MP3 for my birthday, since then i can hardly hear what she saying at times, because i like to blast it out loud, nothing beside music is in my ear. To make matters even worse, my dad bought me a laptop for my birthday, now i got more songs in it, mean more of not being able to hear what my parents are nagging about...sweet!
  15. I know i have mention it before..but I'm a huge Eminem number one favourite artist ever..
  16. I like horror haunting Gothic style in music, video, special effect and stuff..noted that I'm not Gothic, got it? just like to apply it's style on my work.
  17. I like to be unique when i doing design, meaning i like to be creatively different from others. not trying to sound like cocky but trying to stand out from the rest.
  18. I think i have a good memorizing skill, i tend to remember a lot of song's lyric like as soon as the songs play, i can already tell whose the artist, what album it's from, when was it released.i remember movie well too, after watching it the first time, most of it is in my mind already, so i can't watch it again immediately because i can replay it in my head. i also remember birthday well. but i don't remember things that i have studied before in school that well, maybe because i have no passion in that shit.
  19. I google the internet a A LOT!! so I'm always the first few to know what movie is coming out, what new music has been leaked in youtube, which game is coming, which celebrity has done wrong again..etc..etc...
  20. I think I'm sarcastic in a funny way..i always talks sarcastically with my friends and always use my sarcasm to tell jokes to my friends.
  21. I tells jokes all the time, my friends called me the "funny one" in my group..i personally don't find myself funny, but if my friends says that i am, then i am...beware sometimes i tell jokes too much, it gets irritating.
  22. I like to be romantic with my girlfriend(if i had any now..) i like to surprised them with present, watch sunset, be with them on the weekend, you know..the normally romantic stuffs, if you don't, go use some freaking imagination..
  23. I discovered i can write when i was 14, not like writing's writing.. i mean i can "write". at first, all i write are rap songs..then i changed it to poetry, so now poems is all i write, mostly about love and relationship..but unlike drawing..i show it to people..
  24. I can't stand 5 different type of women: nagging, unappreciative, short temper, rude and selfish..
  25. I got more nicknames that one can handle: niktionary, nikipedia, ice cream, ice cube, ice brick, ghost, u-nick.......and a lot more i'm not saying...

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