Thursday, May 07, 2009

Star Trek Review

Star Trek is definitely one of the best movie you'll ever get to watch this year. The movie is truly a solid effort from J.J Abrams, who created Alias, produced Cloverfield and directed Mission Impossible 3. this movie has everything you can want in a star trek films.
I watched it today and it was fantastic, the special effect that they did in this movie is top notch. from the planet to the spaceship battle to the design of the background and other more; everything is done so well that it just blows you away...
the lighting effect is's play with so much light effect that at times when you are watching it, you will literally feel like you're in deep cold blue space.
there some funny sense of humor in there, some great fighting scene and you know, just pure one good moment to another.
i really don't know if there is anything bad about this movie that i can's flawless. i never watched any star trek movies or it's series before, so this is a fresh start for me, if you never seen any star trek movie or series before, don't worry because this is completely brand new, you don't have to know anything about star trek to watch this.
In conclusion, Good job, J.J ...u make my money worth.

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