Monday, May 18, 2009

My Name

~"Nicholas" means victory of the people..
~My mum named me that, my dad wanted to call me Michael..another too common name.
~Really?? Michael Tan..?? nah, dad, i don't feel the name's weird.
~I had some people pronounced my name wrongly or have it rhymed with something stupid before like:
*Ni-Ke-Lek(my uncles some my dad side call me tat, try saying it in a Chinese way)
*Ni-Ko-Last(are you trying to say "你 go last"? why must i go last,I'm victory of the people,baby..)
*Necklace( wow..I'm are a great rhymer...)
*Biscuit( a snack huh..y'all must thinking about me when you're hungry..or something)
*You might die( this one you'll understand if you say it in chinese..)

I don't know if i shoould be happy or sad to have a name that rhymes with necklace..
really..i don' ain't heard my chinese name gets worse..and i ain't spilling out the beans..

Nevertheless, with a name that rhyme with neckace and sounds like biscuit..some would much rather call me Ice, the reason why............because therefore..that's why


  1. +Hmm, well, u make me even more curious about ur chinese name, tell me now won't u? Hehe..erm, that is common la, my name oso ppl can say wrongly, e.g. Jenny, Jan, Janice?? Like, that is so far fetch ad la...

  2. jenny jan janice are nice name...
    don't worry i think ur name is beautiful..
    you can call me tarzan, jane..ha ha

    thank you for your comment..