Sunday, May 03, 2009

MV U Need 2 Check Out 2009

I have seen a few excellent mv from so many different artist .These 2 video that i'm about to show you is simply amazingly creative, now i love music video that are unique, that can stand out from the far ,2 MV has caught my attention, these are them:

1. Ne Yo~Part Of The List
This video is by far his best video yet..beautiful location, great music and a twist at the end of the video. If you don't understand it's twist, watch his previous video"Mad", so you have to watch "Mad" first THEN only watch this if you wanna keep the twist interesting..
*sorry, the quality poor, it was recorded with phone video*

This is my favourite of all time now. One thing is because i loved Eminem's music, so thats a plus for him but because the lyric is so dark and violence, it makes the video even better. The video is shockingly gory, hauntingly scary, full of blood and dead bodies..the reason i love more than any of his video is because the video has the blood and gore/haunting vibe to it that i love seeing in music video and it's edit in such a way that the MV is excellent(my favourite part is where blood on the wall is dripping up instead of down, and when he's in the bath tub fill with blood).
*waning: small children should not watch this video*

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