Monday, May 18, 2009


I was digging up old stuff and i found this
me and college friends bowling for the first time ..last year.
~The first guy is Jion, which is also my roomate in my apartment. He's from Johor.
~The second guy is Marcus aka Sucram( name backward) a my quarter brother because me and him have so many similiarity..especially our IC number.
~The pink girl is Chloe..who is my legna(angel backward), adores pink. You can check her out in her blog.
~The girl in black is Sylvia..Pro artist. You can check out her deviantart here.
The last one is Wei Vern. super hyper active and love dancing.

I'm not in it becuase i'm recording..i'm the one making the noise in the video..noted that my voice is very different in real life.

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