Friday, May 08, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Finally, I'm back home, oh.......the feeling of loneliness is gone because I'm home. It feel so good to be home,my mango tree, my room, my bed ,my air conditioner, my clothes, my identity, my smell in my room and most importantly my PS3., how i missed u!!

Man, i missed home so much that i can't even described how I'm really feeling here..I'm starting to sound like a child in a candy store, like a fat kid loves cake, like a geek at the comic store, like a nerd at star wars convention, like someone who sound like anybody else besides me..but you know what makes this coming back even better?? the moment i came back, i got 3 new Eminem's misuc..SWEET!!!!

i'mma be spending a lot of time in my room now..ha ha,take that stupid lousy apartment's room.