Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye Bye 2011 Hi Hi 2012

2011 was a pretty yin yang year for me.. everything falls right in the middle..balance out left and right.

Blog And Facebook
I post some of my most interesting stuff yet this year and also finally open up topics about sex, wasn't easy but wanted to expand the horizon while Facebook stays Facebook, deleted lots of unwanted people that i have absolute no interest in anymore..

Work basically comes down to the middle, on the first half of this year, I sold more houses and i rent and gained more houses than i've lost, but ya this is the first time i hold a job where it lasted for a year. First time making a living for myself and proud of some my accomplishment too.

What is there to say about my taste in music since it's the same and always will be, still rap, still hip hop..

This year movie is slagging and it's all just Superheroes movie and animated movie, nothing epic from big director therefore this year movie wasn't as exciting as last year's.
My Favourite Top 5 Movie Of 2011
1. Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol
2. Harry Potter Deathly Hallow Part 2
3. Transformers 3
Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadow
5. Fast Five

Biggest Surprise
Obviously this year biggest surprise to me is earning 10k for a house, never would i thought that i'll be able to make this amount of money at such age, i always thought that years after years will only i'll be able to achieve but then God work in a surprising way, so i'm grateful.

Biggest Disappointment
The worse thing that can happen to me is losing a chance to sell off a house when i know i could or when i'm close to selling it, but sometime, interfere such as time, fate, distance and basically everything in the world when it gets in the way. Nothing is more disappointing than rejection or failure.

2012 Ahead
All i wished for that is being more successful in my career than i did this year well because obviously after a year i should be able to take one step forward on the stair and go higher with this shit. Therefore success is all i'm looking forward for that year...and money.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Earned 2011

December i earned about 2150
January i earned about 2200
April i earned about 2500
May i earned about 1000
May i earned about 650
June i earned about 10760
June i earned about 2350
July i earned about 3680
September i earned about 750
September i earned about 1400
October i earned about 1560
October i earned about 800
November i earned about 600
December i earned about 1500
December i earned about 950

Random 29

A fellow student from my college passed away on Christmas night at 8.p.m. due to road accident..leaving memories and a season that will not long be forgotten..

Your physical shell may not be with us anymore but your presence shall forever haunt us on 25th December..Gone but not forgotten..

They said the good die young and when God call it's time to go home.

Requiescat In Pace..

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I've Rent My Fifth House

What was initially considered expensive for a single storey corner terrance for 800 end up being rented out for long as owner is fine and customer is fine with it too I ain't bitching..

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Friday, December 23, 2011

I've Rent My First Shop

This is the first shop I've ever successfully rented out, i said successfully because the last time this year in February i was almost one signature away from renting it out too then suddenly shit happens and when shit happens i end up losing for no reason.

But anyway, lightning strike the same place twice apparently and again i was so close to renting it out till the owner went nuts and want his shop back for his own use so i was frustrated and remembered that there's another one available just around the block. Everything was done today, it was fast and easy and i made 1500 in a day.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sherlock Holmes A Game Of Shadow Review

Some very stylist action scene especially the forest escape scene which is my personal favourite, the movie's story this time didn't captivate me as much as the first one did..

Monday, December 19, 2011

Arthur's Christmas Review

Old Christmas story told in a fresh new way with brilliant cast of character and elfs alike in a movie, absolutely funny and adorable..

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Review

Fortunately the generic story plot didn't overshadow the spectacular action from one to another

Friday, December 16, 2011

You're My Addiction

You're just one of those thing that will eventually at point appear in my life isn't it? Never knew about you but you always manage to slip yourself through let yourself in and be comfortable on my house's couch sitting there making me wondering what are you actually..

Strive by thirst of wondering the secret of you for you're nothing i've ever met before, you were different and your scent was special it was almost like you were gonna be a part of my life for a very very long time and i was looking forward to it thanks to our love at first sight on the love of first night.

Blinded by shyness as we were on the beginning stage of knowing each other but somehow somewhere you were like a sinfully wrong disease that i know it's bad for me but yet still I'm hooked by you. Greeted by curiosity, I knew you were poisonous for me and yet I'm beginning to like you even more because you shown me things I've never seen before, deep down..i was feeling..strange in a good way.

Sometime I like the way you just standing there in that white clean colour of yours till the moment comes in and sweep you off throwing you off guard..but you liked it don't you? I just relax myself when I'm with you, I'm all me with no armor on letting any harm comes from you to get a chance to dwell deep into your irresistible beauty. As i saw you loving every minute of the moment we're living in, it feels like all hell frozen off to have me wrapping my thought around you, riddling you with words that others can't express because whatever left of me..I'm yours.

At that moment we were ready for every inch of dirty little secret with each other as i grazed upon your true self and not as a disguised angel concealing her wings on her back like art form tattoo. We had each other in arms length filled within the comfort zone..watching the sunlight peeking in from the crack of the window shining on your tender skin,you gently letting your hair down naturally as a smile rises from your face.

Gradually you became impossible for me to let go for I keep coming back to you almost everyday, secretly speaking, I wanted more of you because I had so much but too much wasn't enough of me as I seek help from you all the time, during quiet time. Worse enough is I'm falling down calling out for you as you've become took control of took advantage of took a chance with took me by surprise everytime. You were enchanting to me..

You know me so well that I was your star like you're my night sky and I need you when all eyes are off me.. like a lost soul i surrender myself and gave my all to let you love me. Stand before you a broken man it was you who covered me with tenderness for the second time, as the air was filled with romance that was caressed by the dimmed light burning from every candle's last breath. Silence hushed the sound of the room down till we were ready to speak again but while the enjoyment lasts, such memories will never be remembered again like how it should to be anymore.

Can y'all guess what I'm writing about?

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rhyme's Syndrome II

I have this unexplainable sick obsession about rhyming, i just love doing it every 10 minute for it has become a part of me since 14 years old and it grabs hold of me refusing to let me go..It's a sick, sick obsession, it's a disease and a sickness that can't be cured.

Hell, I don't want it to be cured either, i love it everything about it, I loved how it sounds, I loved how putting words together can be so much fun, I loved the structure, rhythm and the speed behind the wheel that's driving the force forward..i swear to God it's the 3rd best thing in life behind video games and sex.

I once thought of being a rapper myself but since i can't pronounce certain words properly or hold my breath long enough that that dream was scrapped immediately. However, the love of rhyming stays with me till this day and in fact i personally feel like it's getting worse and worse in term of constantly randomly spontaneous speaking in i said, it's a disease.

For that in return make me love poetry too, to me rap is about able to put as much rhyme as possible in one sentence and make it sounds good and make sense at the same time mixed with a little profanity in it while poetry is all bout beautiful deep metaphoric sensual words, mostly to say to girls..I've written quite a few raps and poetry myself during my spare time and it's a good execuse for me to grease up the gears in my head for not wanting it to's my way of brain training.

For some reason, in my world rap isn't a things that people around me seems to like to do..when they learn a rap song, they hear a rap song but when i listen to it, i try to catch all the rhyme join in together. Almost all of the time when i was sitting in the bus from my home back to Subang or vice versa, i spend of the time memorizing rap songs for no reason, it goes how far i've went from boyband junk to rap music crap..

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