Saturday, May 02, 2009

Boredom Problem

Man, I'm bored with the Internet..i google the Internet so often that i have nothing to search no more.every morning, I'll google web site so much sometime i just don't have anything else to google, maybe it's me cuz I'm ain't into all those studying geography crap on the net..cuz if i would to put my interest on those shit then i would have something else to search about, right?but i will rather shoot myself, sorry, just no passion in those crap..i don read novel and stuff too.

My apartment is empty, everyday i stay in my room googling, googling and googling, don't communicate with my owner(don't ask). If my PSP is charged, then i would play it, weirdest things is sometime i'm not in the mood..(me?? no mood for games,i need a doctor now). Other than those entertainment, i write poem or I'll do my homework..sigh, i rather write poem than doing assignment..sorry again, I'm a lazy guy..i could watch TV, there's Astro.....if it'll stop showing old junk repeatedly and start showing us some new program then maybe there's a "real Astro". *U(astro) have over 200+ program on ya, and i can't even find one channel that is good*

I'm too lazy to go outside and relax, cuz how you gonna relax outside when the damn sun is so hotttt!!!!!there no movie to watch..actually there is..but not yet released on cinema.Luckily there 4 blockbuster to check out:Star Trek(I'm not a geek),Up,Monster Vs Aliens(the enjoyment of animation movie make me stop reminding myself how much i hate animation)and Terminator Salvation(God..make this movie released faster) least i pleased to say that my Nusic(New+Music combine) never disappointed me. with Eminem's new music in my list..i can keep hearing those tracks over and over.

the boredom make me sit here typing this post for y'all to read......

i think the reason I'm making so much noise is cuz i missed home..air cond, cucumber and tomato in the fridge, my sweetheart=PS3, i missed u~( i mean for crying out loud, i bought a game in March and i couldn't play it until a month and 2 weeks later, do you know what it feels like to have bought something and could not use it till a month later?) i missed mummy's spaghetti, i missed dad coming back from work safely, i missed my little sister.. i missed home bitter home.. i wanna go home now..

I'm still making noise huh..sorry.let me save y'all time from reading these nonsense by saying that boredom is a problem to me..
God..I'm so bored

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