Monday, March 22, 2010

R U Mad?

Today went to college for this MAD Showcase meeting for all last semester students, it's a event that we must put up for our final..I went there and realized that SEGi is so full of shit.

Putting up a showcase is definitely not a problem for us students, if it part of the program then we of course must do it..and i have no problem with it..But i got pissed off due to the fact that after 9 week then only they wanna tell us about it..after 9 sweet wasting weeks they have finally decided to open up their big fat giant mouth to inform us about the showcase..i assumed after so long for no information, it's not our business..but i was so wrong..

Looking around the room, everybody was doing their own thing, talking to each other, nobody is listening to Miss Tey [the bitch who email us about this meeting], it's really obvious to see that everybody doesn't want to do this anymore after this sudden news, i mean if we were inform on the 1st week or something, at least we could have be more prepared and would have manage our time better so that we can plan this showcase..and now, of course after such sudden attack on us about needing to do this, everybody is going to be pissed off and frustrated..

Why weren't we informed on the 1st week? their best alibi is this.."Because they didn't want to stress us out, oh but now it's the perfect time to do so?.." I say that's bullshit, it's no a reason nor it is an excuse for lecturer..totally unacceptable..completely nonsense, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that it's doesn't make any sense..they had 9 weeks to do so and they didn't..One of the student named Ken voiced out to us when she left the room and gave us around 20 minutes to discuss about this..and he's right..

First off, time is definitely a problem now..we'll graduated around middle of May, so we have about a month to get everything settle and done, honestly that is not enough, not enough to put out a good quality work, medicore work? maybe..just maybe, if we actually went and do it. Second of all, human energy, when our final is set and done, we are completely gonna be very tired and knowing now we have to do showcase, it's makes matter worse..

Some of the students like Ken are currently working, so how are they gonna manage their time, juggling work and showcase or maybe even more..For some to actually gonna do it, how much commitment are we going to actually give..most are 20% max, that is no different from not doing it at all..Even when he ask us to put up our for those who are gonna do this showcase, it's only about 11 students out of's pretty clear that nobody wants to do even if we did complete, the final result will look like shit..Not to mention, 85% of all final semester students are not even bothered to attend the meeting, that already shows that they'll probably say No too to this commitment thing.

Segi is full of bad management process, this is not the first time i've seen them with bad management.. First time i remembered was my result on the board, my result wasn't out yet, so instead of just blank it out, they put an "F" there..scared the crap out of me..Another time which is even worse is when the person who is responsible for my PTPTN loan told my mum that she doesn't need to sign any form for it..a year later i got a call saying i never apply for PTPTN and that i have not pay my payment..

Segi is full of bullshit..seriously, if anyone wants to attend college, don't choose Segi, no good is going come out of it..

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