Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hot Weather Not Better

The weather nowadays in insanely really microwave hot, most of the times i felt like i was living in Africa, constantly under the sun without roof over my's ridicolous.

Because the weather is so hot, i constantly in need of an air cond..because the hot is so hot, i don't even feel like going out..because the weather is so hot, i'm constantly 'melting'..Can't imagine how much hotter it's gonna keep getting in future years, it felt the sun has gotten much bigger and it always pointing it's heat at you from 10-5. Personally, i tend to sweat easily at times, so this kind of condition just makes me hate afternoon even more than i've already have.

It's so freaking hot..I guess is either we're going to be introvert or Batman..because Batman only comes out at night, which is a cooling weather compare to the sun..argh, hot hot hot..

Don't you agree?

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