Thursday, March 25, 2010


You know all those girls who likes to do big goody goody eye and take a picture of it and show it to the world, or those who have small eyes and went to add eyeliner and stuff to make it look bigger are..i repeat..are..creepy..

Going through Facebook, and i found a lot of these chicks that widen up their eyes to make themselves look like anime dolls, seriously, it's creepy to me. I feel like if one stare at those eyes for too long, it might actually drop out..i mean it's just that the eye are one of the most prettier that you can find on a girl..if it's naturally, not when it's extended by height or wide..just the way it's is..

I know this is just my style, some loved it, others don't..

Actually I like a girl just the way she is, on appearance..I like to see the surface of how she looks, rather than hiding behind a mask or be artificial. For me, it's pretty easy to please me, all she has to do is just be herself, if she has a big eyes like an anime cartoon character, i wouldn't mind since personality counts a bigger role, looks is just secondary, looks it's the package that comes along with the prize..

It's not just the eyes thing, it basically everything..I like girls with no make up too, like what i said before, why hide behind a mask, because sooner or later you have to reveal your true colours anyway. If you know me well, you'll know i hate make up, a little on them is okay with me, i don't a girl putting on make up because she wants to look pretty when stepping outside, i'm talking about putting a load of make up on their face till they look like zombie from a make up store. Since all i can be is me, and she goes out looking like Frankenstein just because that's how she always like to look when she's out, means i have to do the same too..I know appearance is important in some ways, but for me, i like nothing on a girl face than her natural face.

I'm not saying she can't..i'm just it's okay not to..fine by me..

I guess you still look pretty even when you're not trying..

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