Thursday, March 18, 2010

Have A Little Consideration Please

Recently, my apartment owner bought her boytoy back from London and you have lived here in her apartment before with her toy, you'll know shit ain't pretty..There's so many different ways to define how unsettling it is to look 2 walrus on the sofa cuddling, with all their extra meat around their body covering each others up..Gosh, that's disgusting..

The funny thing about these 2 lovebug is that everytime they're together with each other, her son is the one always getting shit from the most obvious stupidity these 2 can perform is the boytoy gets to sleep on his bed while the son have to sleep on the floor, can you believe that? Some punk ass long hair bastard from London gets to sleep on her own flesh and blood, her own son's bed while the son sleeps on the stupid and sellfish is that, if her boytoy is a good man, he would have sleep on the floor and let the boy sleep on his bed, but no..he's as stupid as his girlfriend..Both above the age of 40 can't even freaking see the stupidity of their action..seriously?

Not only that, the bastard literally thinks he owns the whole damn block, tuning the volume up so loud in the middle of the fucking night when watching football, no fucking brain at all in that little skull of his, and remember when i say that the son is sleeping on the floor, he's sleeping on the living room floor, he's in the middle of her boytoy and the TV, so imagine the boy trying to take a nap while the volume is up so loud, and he doesn't even bothered, this is the type of guys girls fall for? brilliant..

For a 40 plus woman, she can still have the time to think of getting boyfriends, falling in love and getting marry all that stuff, living in her little fucking 20 years ago fantasy land, and I unfortunately, happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong fucking time..I want no part of this shit. I'm not saying it's not okay or anything but shouldn't these people start thinking about their kids future or something..the fact she can ask her son to sleep on the floor in his own little sanctuary is considered very silly and sellfish..People get so blinded by love that what matters more in front of eyes have all been overshadowed, so stupid..truly stupid.

Here's a little consideration for you, bitch..How about a triple XXL size casket for your fact, if there's space left, you can fit your boytoy in too..

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  1. i like your definition of love, the part: People get so blinded by love that what matters more in front of eyes have all been overshadowed, so stupid..truly stupid.

    How true.