Saturday, March 06, 2010

New York I Love You Review

I found this movie to be really entertaining and interesting, in short, it's quite good's a collective work of six short films set in New York, all of them are maybe around 15 minute long or shorter, but i find all of them to be unique in some way like one story..

D guy were outside a restaurant smoking and on the phone then R girl came out too after a while to grab a smoke too, then they started talking and the girl talks about the excitement of making love to a perfect strangers, saying she rather make love to a stranger rather than her husband because her husband won't even look at her, hinting to me that they are actually strangers, but it turns out that they were husband and wife, and that the girl was actually just telling D guy[her husband] how hurtful she felt when he ignores her..

Some scenes have twist like the one above, some are straight forward but all are quite different from other story..truly entertaining..

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