Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home Sick

liI realized that i get home sick quite easily, like i need to back after every months now and then otherwise i'll go crazy in my room. Maybe because living with my owner and putting up with her asshole personality is making me sick to the bone to the point that i need to get out, and go home..

I've always being fond with my home, home sweet little home, ain't no place better than home, i never like adapting to new environment, i'm more of the type like if i have stay here for a while, then this is it, this is the place for me..i don't like moving around, changing places constantly, it's sicken me.

I remember the first time when i moved to Subang to study, i got home sick at the same night. I went home within a week..So everytime i have semester break or whatever holiday i get..i go home, in my own room, my own bed, my own air cond..smells like heaven.

I just hate leaving home, i grew up in that place, i was a baby when my dad bought that home, that couldn't leave the time by then when i was in NS, i was suffering from home sick the moment i got up into the bus, really home fever, they don't provide medicines or pills for that, thankfully i get to leave there after 2 days, the place was shit compare to anything, even the cemetery next to it looks more comfortable.

Or maybe it's because leaving mummy and daddy so far away is giving me all this home sick crap..maybe that's the reason why too..hmm..

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