Monday, March 08, 2010

The 'Forever 21' Shop Girl

Today i went to 1 Utama with my friends to eat Korean barbeque buffet at Seoul's Garden, totally skipped class, lecturer also don't teach us stuff so why bothered, anyway, the food costs about 80+ after student discounts..each is about 25 i think..totally worthy, full like hell, most definitely have gained weight..

Anyway, after that the girls wanna go shopping as shop and shop and shop and we end up in this place called 'Forever 21' and i saw this really beautiful looking girl in the shop..she's a shopkeeper and mostly guard the shop's entry and serve customers over there. From the first moment i lay eyes on her, i couldn't take it off from her..she's just stunning, really stunning.

She was wearing this all black outfit, pin up long hair girl..breathtaking. My friend said go talk to her and ask for her phone number but i just couldn't do it, i mean it's not that i wanna ask her out or anything, it's just that she is so beautiful that i couldn't stop staring at her. There was this one point where a customer tried to walk out from a shop without paying for something and she caught her, i jokingly told my friends that i want to pretend to steal something just so that i could get her attention..but of course i didn't do it..

I didn't take any picture of her or anything, don't wanna like scare her or something, so not even her name or anything, i walk away empty handed. I don't feel bad at all, why should i, i just saw a pretty girl and couldn't stop talking about her, but i definitely not interesting in asking her out or anything..she's way too out of my league..i have no match up against it..

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  1. +Haha, hey dude, I didnt noe sum1 cud lie so blindly in their blog, but ur rly doin so, kaka...way out of ur league? when do such thgs fail a guy? no match? Haha...ok, speechless..=P

  2. how am i lying? and really, she's way out of my league