Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Don't Look Like

Either one of my parents..holy crap, I'm real parents are still out there somewhere, probably still awaits for me to realize someday maybe one day that I'm not these people's kid..Seriously, why don't I look like my parent at all, part of resembling..nowhere to be found..

Maybe y'all can see the resembling, I don't know..if you do notice anything, tell me.. mum will probably skin me alive if she found out that i say i'm adopted and not hers..she'll probably bring up the story about the days where she suffered through unthinkable labor pain to birth me..women~

Comment Or Die+


  1. your lip area is like your dad's.

    you look like your piggy lah. or your piggy looks like you. talkkan your parents adopt you from the same couple mahh...