Sunday, March 14, 2010

One Spouse Not Enough

After hearing about Jack Neo's story about his affair with a younger's just shocking..First was Tiger Wood's with 13 other women, now we Malaysian are finally proud to say that we have our own celebrity affair too you know, take that caucasian fellas..

I don't get some men, why do you have to do shit like these, you are rich and famous, not to mention respected by many, loved by fans, have a loyal wife and kids, yet temptation somehow always managed to lure you in..guess sexual desire always seem to overpower honor, pride, dignity and self control..Even so, this is nothing compared to what Tiger achieved, yet still this is unspeakable and disgusting..I was watching the press conference video and i felt sorry and pity for the wife, she suffered the most here due to the fact that her husband did something so unforgiving yet for her family and marriage sake, she stood by him..i read that she knew about his affair for a long long time, she had to close one eye and pretend nothing happened..

Now here's the thing, isn't one spouse more than enough, isn't having only one and one only partner for the rest of your entire life enough, why do people always like to try threesome..It doesn't take a genius to figure it out that when you start a fire like that is not easy to put out afterward..maybe some people's sexual hunger can't never be the point where disgusting act like that had to happen..If you're like Jack Neo, well known in Malaysia, please use that little thing that God gave inside our skull which we called brain to think for loved ones and others before commiting an unforgivable sin, know that if you're famous, shit like these will mostly bring your career to hell. it's not always men, women have shit like these too but no matter what, be faithful to only one person in your marriage. Jack, you suck dick..

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