Monday, March 22, 2010

My Sarcasm

I just found out from my friend Chloe that my sarcasm pissed her off when we first met..and i found out 2 years later..I have no idea that she hated me at the beginning, thankfully she gotten used to me personality after a while, i don't know how long or short is that 'a while' but thankfully i found out about it, other wise i would have still stay the same forever..

I'm totally oblivious by the whole thing, i never realized that my sarcasm could pissed off someone, i always look at as a way for me to just crack a joke or make fun without hurting someone's's just another way to say that this is how i make you laugh, this is my sense of humor.

Anyway, guess not everybody can take my sarcasm at the early point of knowing each other, maybe i should tone it down a little a bit, just so that i don't have to find out 2 years later that someone secretly hated me before because of the way i respond at certainly things. I think it was due to the fact that i watched too much Friends on TV and that kinda influence me on how i speak to someone..

Again just to clarify, i never to hurt no feeling, i'm just cracking joke, don't take me seriously, if you know what i mean then you know most of the stuff i said are meant to be taken seriously, it's just my comedic personality..

Anyhow, happy birthday you..

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  1. dude, come on,sarcasm is awesome only if people understands you, if not be prepared for some bad shit to happen to you.

    Iceee!!! i JUST saw this blogpost!!!!

    Like, a few seconds ago!!!