Sunday, June 21, 2009

Worried Pressured Exhausted

i'm really really worried about this semester 5 of mine..because of this one particular lecturer, who i have two class with him..Multimedia studio and management and Animation..both of this class is due next week..and both of them is either i get an A or F..that's it..he don't bloody believe anything in B,C,D..just A or F!!! i'm really really worried..really really worried..i'm worried to the max, for God's sake..

I'm really really being pressured now by this two's very's like all i've been doing for these few weeks are work work work and more work..and it's hard for me to work if i'm being pressured like's very stressful..literally to the point where i never want to do any animation anymore in my life..never's might have even change my perspective of animation forever..sigh..i need to pray hard..super duper hard..

i'm really really exhausted right now..feel like a zombie..don't know what else to do..i have devoted my time on this animation so much..that's even so, time seems like not enough for me..i'm exhausted till i'm sleeping around 3, waking up around 10..i'm tired of this assignment and i'm tired by studies..and i'm blood sweat time and tear poured all over this project..


  1. +We all are, juz remember how far u've cum 2 achieve...

  2. thx..juz hope what i've achieved is what the lecturer wants..