Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pendrive Deja Vu

Today..i lost my pendrive..again..sigh..this one was bought by my uncle for my birthday..there's goes his money on me..damn shit man i tell you..i keep losing my pendrive, this is my 2nd pendrive in my college year that has been in the lost and not found section.

I remember the first time i lost my first pendrive was in Semester 2..DTP class..i bought that one myself and kept my uncle bought one as a backup..I left that pendrive in class after class is over, by the time i remember where i left it, someone has definitely took it..not much were in there thankfully, just pictures and small notes. Around a year later, bye bye second pendrive too..i am damn clumsy man.

So today i went to class..when i was going to put my pendrive in to open my files..i realize my pendrive is not in my i thought i have left it in my apartment. So i decided to went home instead because without it, i got nothing to show Ching Ping. I went to my apartment's room, trashed the whole place just looking for it, but couldn't find it..then that's when it occurred to me that i have lost my pendrive on Wednesday in my Multimedia Design 2 class.sigh....

But luckily, all the homework has passed up already, those that haven't pass up are still in my desktop..luckily..really i just have to buy a new pendrive again on Tuesday..Seriously man, i am officially no good with small objects, i mean like throughout my whole year( which is still going) i have lost more eraser than you can count..i am no good with small stuff..

Luckily children are not as small as pendrive, otherwise I'll probably lose some of my kids too..somewhere.