Friday, June 12, 2009


I am going to be very tired in the next 2 week..finishing up all my assignment especially Animation which i feared the most..hopefully..will pass all of them..sigh..fatigue..i'm going to be very exhausted..the only time I'll take break is either i have to go college or meal time or shower time or chatting with Jane time or sleeping time..that's it..have to make sacrifices to succeed..

Was planning today to be the day i start doing my work..but i have to go to college for some rehearsal for my Multimedia Storage crap and two other member have to present our advertising crap things to a bunch of form 5 i went and wait..say wanted to meet at 12..i waited since 11, don't mind me on that issue..I'm always an hour early for anything..anyway..12.03, the first advertising student showed keep waiting and waiting and wait until nearly 1 o clock then we can finally freaking start..but the problem continue..we meet at 7 floor, went to 6 floor to start rehearsing.. but got no projector, so called him say he's coming at wait for Ching Ping at 7 floor..went up again..he bought the projector..went down again to start..other teacher using for some music went up again to do it in that 7Th floor room already..finally can start..but the laptop don't have the software to do our presentation..sigh..

2.30 only left college..don't bother having lunch also..went back to my apartment..all roomate went to Penang already for his church start doing MD2 work..spend the whole time from 3 to 5.30 just looking for material for my pages..break for dinner and chatting with Jane..then continue from 8 to 12..4 hour straight..but was kind of worthy since i manage to finish the pages he want to see next week..sigh..fatigue..tired..exhausted..weak..finger bone aching..after I'm done wit it..i going to start Animation..which is the most worried subject i have ever worried about..because the lecturer is demanding and a perfectionist and my works are in the " B " category kind of this will be a pressure for me..but i know i can do it..i have faith in myself..other than this, i have to buy formal outfit for my presentation..have to score good marks for this too..since it's the same lecturer as my double pressure on my shoulder..God..i hate studying..

After all this is done..i am going to celebrate so hard that i am going to smoke, drink, kill, shoot, stab, start having random sex with chick i never met before in my life..start having kids i don't know about,burn books, break windows, scold my owner, hit her son in the face.....and...and...and..ha ha, nah..I'm not that kind of guy..i won't do it..I'll just watch Transformer 2 with friends to celebrate the joy of freedom..

p.s: my owner is home..sigh..2 weeks of silence has turned to noise..