Friday, June 26, 2009

My FOCAD Presentation

Woke up at 6..reached college at's silent..sit around and do nothing but wait for my presentation time..why did i go so early then you may ask because the freaking Advertising student told us to.. Here's the students from USJ 12..mostly Chinese and some Malay i think..pretty gifted though some of them like this one kid who looks like a nerd but he can beat box and play the piano, another one can dance really well..damned..

This is where the presentation will be held..36 students..3 presenter..including me..

This is how i officially looks if i dressed formal..i feel like a father whose going to work..
Anyway, my group was really lucky compared to other group..lecturers didn't come to see..we didn't have to use the mic..and we can refer back to our notes if we want to..
Unfortunately, the presentation didn't go so well, my members didn't present properly, John was lagging, slow, soft and was using paper..Elsa was too quick and short..i on the other hand, presented pretty well actually..but not self proclaim but that's what the Advertising student said's was pretty smooth 4 me surprisingly..i interactive with the students, i was loud, i was clear and fast..i felt like my presentation was good..But overall, i felt like we could have done better..John and Elsa was memorizing like crazy but in the end, they got so nervous that they just suddenly forgot how to present..sigh..hope whose ever in there that was watching our presentation for Ching Ping will put some good words for me..hopefully for John and Elsa too..

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