Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Terminator Salvation Review

i watched Terminator Salvation today..a famous movie franchise of course..was very anticipated for it since it's first announced and now all i can say is that..stop making anymore terminator movie..just stop..apparently it has ran out of story to tell..

Let me just say the good thing about this movie is of course, the action and special effect..the actions here are still good, pretty solid, spectacular effect on the machines..especially the scene where it involved a 500 feet machine..that scene was the best scene in the whole movie.

The bad part, the story is pretty predictable and silly..i mean it's still telling us stuff that we already know from the past Terminator movie, there's not a lot of new stuff here to keep it fresh. it's silly, yes, silly, certain scene like where John Connor,the main character uses pendrive to do certain stuff..REALLY??? pendrive??..years 2018 and you're are using pendrive?? Kingston brand some more..

Another problem with this movie is that Christian Bale's character John Connor is not as fun to watch as Sam Washington's character Marcus Wright..the new Terminator. Sam basically stole every scene he's in..his performance is much more better than Christian's. I felt like the movie should have being about Sam story than of the other way around. He more badass to watch when he's fighting the machine, i mean..why would the main character like John Connor who fought so many of this type of robots before..still carrys a pistol to fight bad guys?? weird...

Overall..pretty dull and disappointing..i really didn't expect it to be this bad..sigh..just stop making anymore Terminator movie please..it just doesn't feel the same without Arnold..the trademark of the franchise..actually a little surprise of y'all if you watch it..then you see what i mean..

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