Monday, June 01, 2009

Late Night College Escape
I saw this video that my friend recommend, this is a Japanese so called "real" footage of a haunted hospital..I'm sure y'all gonna say it's fake and stuff..i personally don know what to say..but in case y'all interested, watch it..the reporter and crew went inside the hospital to investigate..find out the ending yourself..

The reason i brought out this shit is because it reminded me of that time, me and my friends went to college to do something, end up leaving there around 11 pm something..close to midnight man.

OK, so there were 4 of us, me, Marcus(M), Wei Vern(w) and Jion(J). we went to college because J want to finish his editing, so we went along..because he told us, it will be finished around we waited and waited and waited while J was doing his thing, the trio was playing card to pass time. The whole place feel so desserted, like no light, no noise(except us), nobody,'s felt so creepy..actually by the time we went there to 7Th floor, everyone was gone the lecturer left us to lock the room. and J, the smart ass that he was, went to make shit worse by scaring us like me, M and W went down to grab something then we came up and we were walking towards the hallway then SUDDENLY he threw something out from the room to scare us..i tell you, it bloody work on us, man. I mean the guy can literally
walking to the toilet with no light or the toilet, man...ALONE SOME MORE!!

Oh's the best part, after he's done, it's was already we locked the room and bloody ready to go home, using only our phone light, we light our way out of here..we had two options..Option A, use the elevator or option B, use the stairs. Of course with 3 chicken and 1 fearless clown, we take option B because we don't want to go all the way to the elevator just to find it not working..we took stairs, thanks goodness for light..walk all the way down, one floor after another, finally, we reached ground floor. But, it's locked. So we decided to try the 1st floor which is our last way out from this hell hole, the door can be open, we opened it and it feels so haunting like we can see tables and chairs but there's no one around, and it so huge that we can't see anything in the background, it's dark, so we were hoping that nothing will jumped out from the background..i was like " this is what creepy school feels like"..the canteen have another door closed, if this door can't open, we are trapped in here till we move slowly and J was behind banging on chairs and stuff to make noises that we don't want to hear right now..Luckily for us, the door is unlocked, so we stormed our way out to the side entrance door and left the place..the guards were like " how come there still people in college??"

It was horrible, an experience in life that i don't want to face again..shit man..if anyone asked me to follow them to college after 8 again..I'll say " no way, ghostbusters.."..we made it through and no one peed in their pants...sigh..exhausting

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