Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Review

So i went to watch Transformers 2 today..been waiting for super long for the movie to come out and now it's finally first i must say that it's this year best movie..truly amazing..the action is even better than ever..

Pro:Action is top notch..some of the fighting will feel you mind's better than the first because it's bigger and clearer, the first one was quite "everywhere"..the scale of the movie is bigger,some of the transformers literally took the screen to fit..the movie is longer is a good way so that you can get more transformers time with the transformers..the humor of the movie is still here, when the movie is not showing fighting scene, it's busy keeping you laughing..

Cons:Story is unoriginal..been there done that before..because of the amount of robot they're added in this movie, each robot only get a few screen time to watch and because of this, you won't give a shit about the robots..and nearly the end of the movie, it suddenly feels like a rush job..everything happens so fast that it just suddenly ended like a snap of a finger.

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