Friday, June 12, 2009

This is where my time are wasted at...

yup..these are what i have doing for the past few days..the class is called Multimedia Design 2..i actually enjoyed doing it..but it's quite exhausting after you done doing finger are shaking now just trying to type..I'm now doing the last assignment from MD2..these are pages i theme is horror..the 3rd time i used that theme..the first time is Web Design, 2ND is Video Editing and now again..Just so you know what you see here are just a surface of it..the real thing is much nicer and interactive..the pages will have animation in it.. this is the 3rd page..picture of ghost will appear on the photo on the pic( not here ) will enlarge the picture so you get to see the ghost..
this is the 1st page..petal of roses will fall in the middle, behind the title..2 mannequin face is in this picture...think you can find them..??

this is the 2ND page..the hands will be moving while the background will keep getting cover in red.( represent blood).

this is the 4Th page..the picture will flash once in a while showing hidden words.. and the body will drop down to scare anybody who open this page..ha ha
i still have montage to do..plan to put graveyard location with thunder sound effect behind it..aigh..a lot to do..anyway..please leave your comments to tell me what you think about it..

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