Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wrong Protection

Do explain to me..why do people protect their partner who are agressive and abusive..i really don't get it, why do people conceal them from all the clear warning sign that friends and family told them about..It seems like some people got so blinded by love that they think it's cool to go back to those who beat them..doing so is making all the abusive people from around the world cheer..well done..

The weird part is instead of protect yourself from these kind of people, they went back to them..i don't even freaking how that kind of thinking is logically possible after the shit that he/she just gave you. Most common case are of course men beat women, of course men are victims too sometime, so why do people still stay with them for..if someone is going to answer this question of mine by saying love is blind, love can changed someone..i will personally butcher myself. That type of blind love only apply to accepting someone for who they are, so for logic sake, it's not okay for someone to beat the shit out of can't change anyone, people are who they if he/she hit you once..never be with them..hello, come on, wake up stupid!! unless you wanna to fight to survive every night you keep staying with them then..

One of my friend's friend that i heard got beaten by her boytoy and when people asked about it, she won't admit instead she protect him from it, saying shit like " No, he never beat me before"..Her skin has obvious strangled and beaten marks yet she's protecting him from the i said..why..why people do that..did he beat the common sense out of her, is she not capable of thinking through logic sense no more..did her knowledge fell off from your brain?

Another type is protecting the one that did wrong and blaming the one that is the the case, it's really another perfect example of pure stupidity. One always blame the wrong person even though it's so clear to them that the other one is at fault, but because of retarded love, one chose the blame the victim to protect own self a mother who favor her boyfriend over her own daughter..stranger in my bed over own flesh and blood sigh..what more i need to say..

Looks can be deceiving like they said, you'll think they're handsome and pretty and stuff..till they Chris Brown-ed your ass and now you're Rihanna..Seriously, don't be around this kind of people, it's way too dangerous..i hate abusive men, it turned the term men into faggot..

Great, now the world has another kind of population~men ,women and..faggot..
Adam and Eve will be so proud for us..

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  1. Mmmm...interesting post. well u see,sometimes they might just b afraid to speak out becoz those 'nice guys' may treat he/she 'better'. so the only way to help is to advice and 'peep' on his/her condition. Simple why,we're just an outsider.
    BTW,talking bout Adam and Eve,try to kill me on my next post. See ya around.