Monday, February 22, 2010

Stupid In Love

Since it's the month of valentine, it's the month of romance, instead of crapping about the beautiful parts of it..i want to touch on the ugly side of love, and get down and dirty, filthy, disturbing never discuss before documentary about it. I want to talk about the aftermath of heartbreak.

Break up, it's 2 strong words and it's never easy to go through, it's like walking in hell with your feet stepping on lava, it's painful but everything has it's healing antitode. Time is a healing process, it takes a long while to recover from a break up, yet even the process being carried out, some can still be stuck in the painful memories, dwelling in the ugly past, crying alone in the dark, the worst part of all this, is that even long after the heartbreak has been set and done, "victim of love" are punishing themselves because of what happened, like hating themselves because they were stupidly in love..

Rihanna's Stupid In Love from Rated R

Everything happened for a reason. Now, i don't understand why some people would want to continue torturing themselves for no reason..what done is done. Recently my mum told me that one of her friend drank some liquid acid crap and slit her wrist because guessed it..This is what i was talking about, this is one of the perfect example of heartbreak gone wrong, all these activities, all these jackass stunts that people pulled, it's really they kills. There are so many ways to get over a break up, and killing yourself is definitely not one of them.

I've been through a couple break up myself, shit was difficult, but life goes on and there is so many fishes in the sea, i mean the world is covered by 70% of, there's so much more to life than just a guy/girl, i was planning to sitting around and whine over them, put my first foot forward and the second one after, and i was ok again after a week..It's better if we don't waste our life over much matter, life has so much to it than just it up not give it up.

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