Monday, August 29, 2011

A Nice Lady

I meet someone named Molly today, she is someone that I'm gladly to have the privilege, the liberty and the chance to sell off her house.

Initially i thought Molly is some mid age 30's looking woman that is kinda plum based on her voice (sorry ladies), it's just a feeling based on the conversation we had on the phone..her house is the same place where i sold my first house, a place called them obviously i was excited cuz it's like going back full circle to where i started.

Anyhow the day start off bad because she made the appointment so early in the morning like 8 o clock something, i was still sleeping for crying out loud but i didn't bitch about it. To my surprise Molly is actually a 60 year old looking old lady..but minute within meeting her i can already tell that she was very friendly and i was right.

I bring her to some places where she needs to cut off her electricity and water bills so that she doesn't have to pay anymore and while we were in the car we get to know alot about each other, kinda like mutual understanding between a 20's and 60's. Funny how we bond so quickly..beside it helps me to learn new things too so either way it was a win-win situation for neither for us.

When i said she was nice i meant's hard to have someone this trust worthy and sincere and loyal altogether in one complete package.. I've been stab by customers and property owners before, not litereally though but verbally, so to be able to encounter someone like her is rare..someone who understand the life of an agent and understand that what we do is just our way of making money and strictly business, she teach me some new stuff on how to talk to customers and all, though i don't use it cause i've prepared myself too.

After getting everything done, she even offered me half her snack and drinks because she was afraid i might be hungry and all, i mean..person like this is truly rare like some fossil you'll never find, i meant for real yo.

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  1. Tis story can be a good basis of a porn movie man...only thing missing is the fucking part..

  2. think about it man, small talk, an empty house, a milf, your crazy sex mind..good basis of a porn movie right there.