Sunday, August 07, 2011

At World's End

We are living 2011 to the fullest for next year might be the last year of human civilization..after that, we're roasted to ashes as we hold our loved ones hand and kiss our ass goodbye. Needless to say, half of the people in the world don't believe this while the other half does the be honest, i was it does..

Looking at the world for skyward high..looking down and the world is not like how it used to be anymore, it's getting dirtier and more gruesome and there ain't nothing we can do because we human are the destructive machine that cause such catastrophe. The world is no longer a place where walking down the street at nighttime is safe anymore, not for men, not for animal and especially not for women..look at what we have become..

Recently there's been alot of videos on the net showcasing humans demonstrating brutality on animals, most noticeably puppy. The heart breaking videos that i've seen breaks my heart personally to see us treating animals like that, and they said dogs are men's best friend..if only the animals knew..I don't want to get into detail but y'all know what I'm saying. It's such a sad place now for me to see that 20 years ago when i was born..the world was at least a place where i can live, now i can't even breathe anymore.

Not that I'm being sentimental but just being realistic..this ain't the same world i grew up in therefore to make my connection between all these crap and world's end is that i somehow somewhere selfishly wish the world will end next year so that innocent life including animals won't have to survive anymore. There's no way to get rid of all the evil in this world so the only way to kill all of them off is by destroying the main'll die too but at least we're in heaven, i think.

What got me thinking about this was one of my female friend was harassed at a train station the other day, nothing serious at all..just some pervert taking her picture without permission..but things could have been alot worse right. This is exactly what i mean was i say that the world is not what it should to be anymore..I wouldn't want it to happen again nor do i want this to happen to anyone else in the world.

I understand that it's truly selfish to think this way, killing off every other human being who have a life going on but I'm being the bigger person here saying that the world will just keep getting worse and worse from year after year and so on..What is scarier than supernatural stuff like ghosts, us..humans..

This is maybe just me..maybe against the world..

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