Friday, April 02, 2010

The Perfect 21th Birthday Gift


  1. What could i possibly want for my 21th birthday, what could be my perfect birthday present this year, they say you can only be 21 once only, so after long and hard thinking and then a hard and long re-thinking..i've decided that the perfect gift will be..

    Nothing..Ta Da..

    You can rub your eyes as many times as you want, it's official that i don't want anything for my birthday..I'm not a birthday type of guy, to me, the date that i was born that doesn't mean a thing anymore after 10 year on became just a number to me, i don't celebrate my birthday nor do i like to celebrate them. It's not that i hate them, it just becomes repetitive after a while, then soon i realize i'm too old for these kind of crap. I know this is kinda an impossible gift to grand me since i've been wishing it since God knows when..and i know that certain people out there will definitely get me a present when i clearly said and repeat before that i don't need one..thank you anyway in advance..but seriously, next more..

  2. So in defintion of my 'Nothing'..on my birthday that day..i literally mean no disturb from anyone, no wishing me happy and stuff, of course like i say, no present, no celebration, nothing..Y'all might think i sound weird like i'm high on drug, but like i said, i don't care about birthday, so as a friend, i think y'all be able to grant me this wish..

    I've been wishing about something else for a every long time, but still no result from it..this special little gift is something money can't buy, but it's something that is kinda hard to happen too..I'm not saying what it is but that was my birthday present..too bad you can't always get what you wish for..

    Anyhow and so, birthday is not a very important day for me, it'll pass by like any other day..soon you'll just forget it and move on..I would like to see if anybody can grant me this gift..anyone dare to try? it's pretty easy don't you think..

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