Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I'm fascinated with accents, accent from all around the world and how one language can sound so different in so many different place..maybe I'm just tired of my own Malaysian accent that's why the interest has shifted to others..

Personally, i'm not pro claiming proudly that certain accents that my tongue can do are perfectly accurate but i'm still learning, certain accents are easier to do than others like Indian accent, Jamaican accent, China accent..those are the easiest one to learn without any classes, i know how to do all of them..

What i would love to do now is British accent because it's hot..to be honest, the British accent turns me on..u read them right, i love British accent. If any women would to come up to me with them accent, i might either faint or let her have me anyway she wants..British accent is my kryptonite.

Take Emma Watson's accent for example..

I'm melting by the way though just in case y'all don't know..

The second accents that i'm trying to learn is Irish but it's seriously hard. After watching The Devil Own, it's not easy without any practice in communication..not to mention it's even harder to understand when they're speaking like speeding bullets but it sure hell sounds sexy to me..

Though i'm not really a big Brad Pitt fan but i don know that he's one of the few actor that can multiple accents in many movie, totally jealous..

Last accent i wanna learn is African accent, by far i heard it's one of the hardest accent that has ever walk on the face of surface of our earth, it's no wonder why only African can speak them..if you can understand what they're saying without any subtitles under the screen that you my friend, i saluted you..

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