Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Animals Abuse

What's going on with the world nowadays, I keep seeing all these video on Facebook where animals are been abused drastically..what is going on with earth, did we pump so much bad polluted air in the world that the air we breath in caused us to act like a maniac towards animals..

You know what is scarier than a ghost in your face? human..That's right us..you..me..us..we..they and them. There is so much animal abuse video on Facebook lately that is hard to go into Facebook anymore without encountering another one of those damn video..

The video that started them all is the girl that sat on a flat glass with a rabbit underneath it..I think that it's the same girl that squash a kitten with her high heel. It was horrifying..especially for one of my friend who only saw pictures rather than video..she owns a cat as well so u can just imagine..

Pretty much i realized after that video, more and more of them video comes in..then there was the video where the guy keeps beating his dog up because the dog can't stand on it's 2 own feet..though the dog didn't suffered as badly as the others, this is still abusive..Then there was a few more that i can't remember and the latest one in Facebook where this bunch of guys put fireworks inside a dog's mouth and light it up..twice..before whacking it with a huge long stick a few time..

I will post any of those video here due to graphical violence, i bet reading and imagine it while reading is bad enough for anyone. Seriously what are we, are we even humans anymore? how ugly have we become..I know everyone who have seen any animal abusive video will wanna kill some motherfuckers for what they done, believe me i would to. If dogs knows how to use Facebook and see what they're seeing, i think they would rather be left alone on the street by themselves rather than going home with any of us..I used to want a puppy while growing up but can never have one..those that could afford or have one doesn't know how to treat them at all..

There's a neighbour of mine who lives every near to my house, they own a dog..well, it was a puppy at first then it slowly grows into a dog and never once did i see them take it out for a walk or play with it or anything at all..the dog was just left there to entertain itself. To make matter worse, the dog live in the same cage it grew up it since it was a puppy..meaning the cage has become so small that the dog doesn't have any space to move at all.. plus, it's dirty..the dog and the cage because either one of them bother to take care of the dog. I thank God that the dog's misery ended, the dog is no longer with us..but i bet it didn't even get a proper burial.


Recently i just watch a movie called Hachiko: The Dog Story..like all other dog movie, it ends sadly..But the beauty of the movie shows just why a dog is a man's best friend..in reality..in real life, the sad fact is that nowadays people doesn't treat animal like they have a heartbeat at all..Shows that us human are actually worse than the dirt we stepped on, we have no loyalty or compassion like some animals..some animal can show love better than any of us here. We should spit on ourselves..we should have collar around our neck..

Congratualtion human being, we shame ourselves..hope for those of you who treat animals like shit get treat shitter in the afterlife..

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  1. yeah, y they so cruel..
    the dog is so cute an innocent.. :'(

  2. +About this, there's actually a "society" that is international, where they recruit ppl 2 torture animals, n film d video, then sell it off to ppl who actually wants 2 buy it, 1st, d one who had dat idea is lunatic, 2nd, d ppl who tortures d animals hev no conscience, 3rd, d ppl who buys d film is crazy. Lol.

  3. the world is filled with nonsense people..