Friday, December 16, 2011

You're My Addiction

You're just one of those thing that will eventually at point appear in my life isn't it? Never knew about you but you always manage to slip yourself through let yourself in and be comfortable on my house's couch sitting there making me wondering what are you actually..

Strive by thirst of wondering the secret of you for you're nothing i've ever met before, you were different and your scent was special it was almost like you were gonna be a part of my life for a very very long time and i was looking forward to it thanks to our love at first sight on the love of first night.

Blinded by shyness as we were on the beginning stage of knowing each other but somehow somewhere you were like a sinfully wrong disease that i know it's bad for me but yet still I'm hooked by you. Greeted by curiosity, I knew you were poisonous for me and yet I'm beginning to like you even more because you shown me things I've never seen before, deep down..i was feeling..strange in a good way.

Sometime I like the way you just standing there in that white clean colour of yours till the moment comes in and sweep you off throwing you off guard..but you liked it don't you? I just relax myself when I'm with you, I'm all me with no armor on letting any harm comes from you to get a chance to dwell deep into your irresistible beauty. As i saw you loving every minute of the moment we're living in, it feels like all hell frozen off to have me wrapping my thought around you, riddling you with words that others can't express because whatever left of me..I'm yours.

At that moment we were ready for every inch of dirty little secret with each other as i grazed upon your true self and not as a disguised angel concealing her wings on her back like art form tattoo. We had each other in arms length filled within the comfort zone..watching the sunlight peeking in from the crack of the window shining on your tender skin,you gently letting your hair down naturally as a smile rises from your face.

Gradually you became impossible for me to let go for I keep coming back to you almost everyday, secretly speaking, I wanted more of you because I had so much but too much wasn't enough of me as I seek help from you all the time, during quiet time. Worse enough is I'm falling down calling out for you as you've become took control of took advantage of took a chance with took me by surprise everytime. You were enchanting to me..

You know me so well that I was your star like you're my night sky and I need you when all eyes are off me.. like a lost soul i surrender myself and gave my all to let you love me. Stand before you a broken man it was you who covered me with tenderness for the second time, as the air was filled with romance that was caressed by the dimmed light burning from every candle's last breath. Silence hushed the sound of the room down till we were ready to speak again but while the enjoyment lasts, such memories will never be remembered again like how it should to be anymore.

Can y'all guess what I'm writing about?

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