Sunday, October 09, 2011

Youtube, My Enemy..

Does Youtube have some sort of a "Channel Racism" or something because i remember there should to be a time where Youtube allowed videos that i love to watch to be played there, but now seems like searching for anything is bloody difficult..

Youtube is all about users uploading their videos in there for the world's eye's pleasure..i totally understand videos that have nudity to be not allowed in it, but why not even videos that are juz like normal without any parental warning stamp all over it?

I should to remember the good old days where i can search up Youtube for TV sitcoms and movie and actually find what i'm looking for..but now it seems like anyone who upload anything full is considered copyright issue to some company but come some others aren't. Again i totally understand if certain video is leaked out before hand but some aren't.. some are just been there for quite some time and suddenly Youtube doesn't allowed it anymore.

I'm just mad because it's difficult as it is already when i have no control over what TV broadcast can show what and when, therefore i thought Youtube could be my savior..but apparently not too. They allowed lesbian kissing but not normal TV show we see everyday on TV, they allowed old movies with full length in it but not newer movie that have been just released maybe a year ago.. the whole thing is just inconsistent.

Sometime i prefer to sit in front of my laptop with my lunch and watch Youtube instead of television because i can choose what i want to watch rather than the other way around, so when Youtube is being this picky over copyright's just wierd. I mean it's not like any of the videos shown on Youtube are the same day a movie or TV show is released..but i think maybe it's because of rating and money making, that's why..

Either way Youtube needs to balance out their nonsense..

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