Saturday, October 29, 2011

Long Night

I think was about a month ago where i had the worse insomnia experience ever in my life, it was so bad that i was aggressively frustrated with myself because all i want to do was just be able to sleep and yet sometime my mind won't let me to..i wonder why..

But first off i want to be thankful that since that bad insomniac experience i've been able to sleep like a baby, 95% at the time..i discovered that why I'm not able to fall asleep is because i spend too much time laying on the bed while the brain is active therefore that in return make the brain "unshuttable".

And there i was thinking that i might need to see some doctor about my sleeping problem and waste unworthy money..same reason why i don't understand why people look for therapist..Therapist and their patients are basically the same person underneath all that tough act dressing up like God's gifted problem solver. I bet half of them can't even solve their own problem let alone others..

But last night, ya..was one of those night where i had a long row of good sleep at night but one lousy night, why..i thought I'm fully healed or maybe it's still in taking the effects in gradually. Sometime it's one of those feeling where you feel like things should have gone your way but it didn't and that badly.

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