Friday, September 23, 2011

National Service Part 2

So when we last left out i was bitching about how i found out i was chosen all the way to the day i step foot on them soil and them terrible food and swimming is a bitch and i hear that she bites.

Well what's else i haven't bitch about yet, well did i mention that the public bathroom/ toilet is dirtier than some basement that i've seen where people get tortured in, the male's bathroom is that nasty that i can't imagine what sort of rainbow and sunshine the girl's side have..probably hellish as well. Nevertheless, it's also the place where you have to clean your clothes, scrubbing shit off your fashion like some goddamn stone age people..

Night time is actually pretty crappy due to the fact it's next to a cemetery, plus the dorm's door are not allowed to be closed like what the fuck? that's stupidly scary like horror movie in 3D and what's scarier than ghost..mosquitoes. But we ain't that bad since the girl's dorm is closer to the cemetery and them commanders said before that sometime when they went patrolling..they see "things". Ghost are perverts too perhaps?

I think i don't have to mention how scared them girls were..

I do remember one thing very particularly though, there was a Malay guy in my group that was suffering from some sort of dis capability if i would say so. He was having legs problem that cause him to walk limp..i guess one of his leg wasn't that good perhaps and yet no one and i mean no one offer to help him or even cut him some slack.

No one meaning the nurses from some hospital that we have to attend to before we went meet our death, everyone of us have to go through this procedure like injection and urine sample check up.

I mean ain't it obvious if you see someone with that guy's leg condition, ain't it obvious that he's in physically in no shape to participate in this nonsense crap that we got dragged into..ain't it clearly obvious enough? It doesn't take a genius to figure out that even without a doctor's approval right..some people just are so stupid.

It was a 2 night of hell and when i said 2 nights..i really meant 2 nights only because after that i was..


stay tune for part 3, the finale..

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