Friday, April 24, 2009


Eminem is back!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so happy because I'm like one of his biggest fan of all has worth waiting of his new material..guess i have to go memorizing his new songs has been 5 years since he last released an welcome back Eminem!!!

His previous albums"Slim Shady LP","The Marshall Mathers LP" and "The Eminem Show" was a masterpiece to me..some of the best rap album from any rappers "Encore" wasn't as good as his previous was kinda disappointed so I'm happy to hear his new album"Relapse" has gotten back to his old days style.

In case you haven't heard any of his new songs,here's 2 of them:
it's called "We Made You"
this one called "3AM"
sorry this one don have video yet..but the song rocks!!

anyways,Relapse is out on May 19 and Relapse 2 is out in 2009 too
2 album 1 year

Finally,something to listen to..other than stupid soulja boy music,who can't even make a verse than make sense..goddamn rapper can suck asses

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